((((((((L A R S – E R I K J E N S E N))))))
Ex Norway & Sweden
Now Birmingham, U.K.
This user and abuser of woman is the worst possible kind of human being. All he wants is a girl with a stash of money and preferably one who doesn’t want to have intercourse, because you can’t have intercourse with someone who has a 2 inch dick!
Besides his complete lack of morals this piece of shit has a 2 inch penis – for real. It is so small that my pinky finger is twice as long as his penis. This is no exaggeration. He also has major issues in the bedroom which no doubt stem from his pathetic dick size. He assured me over the telephone that his dick was average and still laughed about it. He was absolutely right to laugh because where we come from an average size dick is 5-6 inches, not 2.
He is so broke that he can’t afford to register on a dating site so he trolls for women on Facebook, using various applications to make contact. Once he has established you have money he will hint at how he is struggling to pay his rent / his furnishings / his car etc. He has no money.
Because of this he will tell you the story about how wealthy his parents are and that when they die, he will inherit a tidy sum. Be warned, his mother is as strong as an ox and will most likely live another 20 years. His father might last another 5. While digesting that information just imagine being involved with a guy who’s real intent is to use and abuse you for your $$$$$ and dangling a carrot, albeit small, is no reason to date this psycho.

He has had his name removed from DP and other “expose” sights because he doesn’t want women googling his name and finding out the truth about him. We will keep posting his information and will also create blogs because this asshole needs to be exposed. If you are stunned by what you are reading here…….. go out with him and find this out for yourself. Problem is, you’ll be out of a couple of thousand $$$$ and will waste a few months of your life. Trust us, this is not the way to go but seeing is believing!

He is a liar and a conman. He cheated my friend out of 100,000 with all his lies and extravagant holidays that she paid for. He constantly couldn’t pay for his part of the things which included a 2 week holiday. My friend had to even borrow money from her mother because he lied about having put money into her bank account. The bottom line is my friend would never have spent all this money on flying to Sweden to meet him or to have another 2 week holiday back in South Africa when he came over to meet her. She wasted a LOT of money and a LOT of time with this con artist.

This fucktard retard even helped himself to money of a friend of mine to pay for some furniture he was paying off. It took my friend 6 months of begging and pleading for him to pay the funds back. Then he didn’t pay the full amount and he still owes her for the R100,000 she wasted on him on vacations and things she would never have done, as well as food, petrol… the list is endless.
He is a total waste of oxygen and the lowest of low of human beings. Any man that preys on a woman for financial support is a WANKER and LOSER.

He has a sales pitch that might have changed but it consists of how he would like to take you away on a boat to Greece. This scenario might have changed because now it’s been made public. He also moves very fast and will be telling you that he loves you within 2 weeks – maximum! He asked my friend to marry him the second night she was in Sweden!!!

Besides all the financial problems, he owns no house, no car, no nothing and has no money saved out will come the story of how his desire is to be a pilot. He took my friend on a 1000km journey to check out pilot schools and then hinted at the fact that he couldn’t pay for it and suggested that she come up with the money.

You might be the better person and try to look past his hideous looks. His ears stick out like a wombats and they are lower down on the side of his head than they should be. He has weird green teeth. His feet are club footed and he has a deformed back and hands. He is dirty and greasy and often doesn’t wash his hair. He thinks his mass of curls which hide his balding spot looks very cool. He also insists on wearing clothes that are way too small. He’s at least a L or XL shirt but he wears a M pulled taut over his man boobs. It’s too hideous for words. BUT, if you can look past all that – he’s YOURS!!

Please also be aware that you will be continually serenaded in karaoke form as he sings to you ALL the time with a most heinous tone of voice and warbling like a lost cat – and lucky you this is at INTERNATIONAL rates!

He is bad in bed. He has a small penis. He has no morals and he has no money.

If you want to date him, do so at your own risk. This guy constantly trolls for women on Facebook.